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Social Media Page - Ambassador Feed

Spitche uses social media interactions as a new way to reward your customers. No more forcing them to buy to get rewarded.

Naturally, the first step is to choose your Facebook Page. We'll take it from there by fetching your latest posts.

Your ambassadors will have a white label feed with your post from the last 5 days and can engage with them to earn points.

Decide how to reward engagement

Your ambassadors can earn points in 3 different ways:

When they engage directly with your post (likes, comments & shares).

When their friends engage with your original post they have shared on their own timeline.
The quickest ambassador to engage with your post gets a special bonus.

Decide what you want to offer

You decide what your ambassadors win after engaging with your posts and how many points they need to get it.

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Access your dashboard to analyze results and retarget active ambassadors

View the results for your ongoing loyalty program.
You can then analyze each post and download the list of ambassadors who engage with your post to retarget them.

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