Make your customers love bringing you more customers. Retarget only ambassador-worthy prospects.
Less guessing, more loyalty.
Facebook API
Loyalty Program
Time Challenge Campaign
Lead Generation
Retargeting Dashboard
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Reduce your ad spend.

Spitche offers a fun and creative alternative to loyalty programs, marketing and advertising. Your customers win by sharing content and increasing word-of-mouth marketing.

More rewards, more sharing, more social growth.

Visibility & Engagement
Improve organic visibility on social media with real people engaging with your social content.
Ambassador Data
Analyze what content your customers engage with. Then, retarget only highly-qualified prospects.
Lead Generation & Sales Acquisition
Ambassadors opt in to your CRM for points. They get more points for inviting their friends into your network. See where this is going?
Increase Sales
The more gifts and rewards you give your clients, the more they buy from you. That's just science.

This is how it works

The Loyalty Program fetches and continuosly updates all your posts from the last 5 days.
Your customers collect points and keep engaging regularly.

More about the Loyalty Program

Eradicate marketing pain points:

Social media algorithms

Organic reach on Facebook is below 2%. With Spitche, brands can now be visible on social media. Say goodbye to bank-breaking ad spend. Automated nano-advertising is now live!


According to the latest CMO survey, social media advertising budgets  increased by 32% in 2018, and almost double by 2023.


Reward customers when they promote the brand, not only when they buy your product. Stay in their minds with regular, non-transactional engagement.

poor qualified retargeting

Tired of using ads or struggling with the right segmentation? Customer engagement and data-driven retargeting are now easy. Retarget your community based on their content engagement & interests.

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